Professional Counselling & Psychology & Assessments.

Cork Clinic: The Atrium. Blackpool Business Park. Cork. 

Dublin Clinic: 5 Cavendish Row. Dublin 1

Counselling Psychology & Assessments

Phone or Text: 087 0680424  Email: info@apexclinic.ie 

premises2In 1996, Dr. Declan Cronin- Clinical Psychologist, established the Apex Clinic to provide a comprehensive range of behavioural health, psychology and counselling services. The Apex Clinic is the first purpose built clinic of its kind in Ireland with offices now in Cork, Dublin and Waterford. Since its inception, Apex Clinic has become a respected and very successful service provider attracting people from all parts of Ireland and beyond.

The Apex Clinic provides full-service, multi-disciplinary and appropriate treatment in addition to follow-up care and support for all your counselling and psychological needs.The Apex Clinic adopts a results and success orientated approach towards therapy.

There can be times when waiting is not an option. At the Apex Clinic we have a team of Clinical, Counselling and Educational Psychologists in addition to Counsellors, Psychotherapists and referral officers who are available if you are seeking immediate assistance with a pressing issue. All practitioners are highly trained, qualified and have years of expertise. We endeavour to arrange a first appointment within one week of initial contact with the clinic.


Why choose the Apex Clinic?

  • First class experience in our purpose built centres.
  • Highly qualified team of respected professionals.
  • We endeavour to arrange the first appointment within one week of initial contact.
  • Confidentiality and ethical treatment is fundamental to our service provision.
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Open 9am-9pm everyday including weekends & bank holidays by appointment
  • Located in discreet locations.
  • Ongoing care and support for all of our clients.


Confidentiality and discrection are of the utmost importance to all practitioners at the Apex Clinics and all staff members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. Severe measures are taken to ensure that personal privacy is maintained.

Contact us on our 24 hour hotline number now: By Phone or Text us on 087 0680424 or email us on info@apexclinic.ie

You’ll be glad you did.