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Grief and bereavement are an inevitable part of life.

Grief has many causes- death of a loved one, job loss, relationship breakdown, ageing and emmigration to name a few. Grief is an important emotion as it facilitates our healing from the losses and seperations in life. While it is a universal emotion, everyone experiences and shows grief differently. Some experience severe anger, others become withdrawn and silent. Grief can be complicated by the relationship you had with what was lost. If you loved your job or did not want the relationship to end, the loss can be overwhelming. Same can be said for the death of a loved one. Your life can change in so many ways that it may be difficult to manage. You may feel immense longing for what you lost. Lonliness, numbness, anger, pain, despair, hoplessness and sorrow are also common responses.

As painful as it feels, it is important to let yourself grieve for your loss. Some people lock their emotions inside and try to get on with life as usual. Denying yourself the time to grieve properly could result in complications that prevent you from getting on with life.

Grief can lead to:

  • Neglecting self and children in terms of health, hygeine and appearance
  • Feeling you have no future without your lost loved one.
  • Not having energy to give children attention they require
  • Taking emotions out on others

All of these reactions are normal parts of bereavement – unless they go on for a very long time. Bereavement counselling can support you in times when you most need it. It is highly recommended that you seek the services of a professional counsellor after the death of a loved one.

Specific reasons for needing professional support include the following:

  • You are having suicidal thoughts.
  • You are acting recklessly.
  • You are beginning to drink/take medication or illegal drugs a lot
  • You are starting to behave violently.

If you have experienced loss or seperation and you feel you are not coping well, you may need professional assistance.

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