Seeking Counselling

Throughout our lives, there may be times when we may need assistance in addressing issues and problems that cause us emotional distress or make us feel overwhelmed. There may be times where you feel lost, unsatisfied or stressed in your life. You may be having difficulty dealing with life altering events such as bereavement, unemployment, relationship breakdown or you may feel ready to talk about past experiences and trauma. Initially, most of us will seek help from our family and/or friends. However, talking to someone outside of your usual circle can give you information, resources, new ideas, clarity and different options for moving forward.

When you are feeling prolonged extreme emotion, speaking with a mental health professional may be the only way of resolving the issue.

While professional mental health counseling has remained an area of stigma for many people, the truth is that a mental health professional can help you through hard times, both individually or if you are in a troubled relationship. Mental Health Professionals offer a caring, expert assistance that we often need during these stressful times. A Counselling psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist or Counsellor can help you identify your problems and assist you in finding the optimal ways to cope with the situation. They can arm you with necessary skills that allow you to live the life that you deserve.

At the Apex Clinic, we have a panel of highly trained professional therapists and psychologists readily available to provide the people of Cork and Munster with services which are badly needed.


We know from international literature that an estimated 450 million people experience mental health problems, with depression and anxiety being the most common problems worldwide. Within Europe, it is estimated that one in five people will experience depression during their lifetime (WHO, 2003). According to the mental health charity Inspire Ireland Foundation’s annual report, their website was accessed 143, 652 times last year by young Irish people. Some three-quarters of those who accessed the site reported feeling under mental stress, depression, anxiety, isolation, strain on relationships and financial worries were the reasons most often cited for contacting the services. While mental health problems can make you feel isolated; you are not alone and help is readily available.



Not everyone knows whether counselling is a good idea or not. If you are considering counseling, remember that a good counsellor can only help things get better. If you are not sure if you need counselling, there are some signs that you could use some help:

The most common sign that you may need counselling is if you are experiencing prolonged negative emotions. Everyone experiences deeply sad and upsetting days. If these moments are lasting longer than they should and it is starting to affect your daily functioning (i.e., your job, relationships, education, health) you need to go and speak with a mental health professional. Feelings can include but are not restricted to anxiety, depression, isolation, fear, anger and feelings of worthlessness.

You may be unable to change certain behaviours. Sometimes a certain feeling or behavior starts and keeps getting worse over time. If you are concerned about something that is happening in terms of how you are behaving or feeling, have tried to change or stop it on your own and cannot change what is happening, consult a mental health professional.

Another sign that counseling may be helpful is if you suddenly find that life is just too much work, from getting up in the morning to showering and dressing, having normal conversations or going out with friends or showing up to work or school. When life starts to seem purposeless or as if it’s just too hard to deal with, consult a counselor at the Apex Clinic for assistance.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and are not convinced that life is worthwhile, get help immediately. There are resourses available at every turn and plenty of people to help. Call the Apex Clinic on 087 0680424

Remember, there is nothing wrong with needing counseling. If you had the flu or cut your hand and needed stitches, you would go to the doctor. If you need some help with mood, behavior or feelings, consult a professional therapist.

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You will be glad that you did.