Suicide Watch is a program produced, designed and delivered by the Apex Clinic Team in a response to the unacceptable high rate of suicide in Ireland.

We Need Your Help.

As a member of the public you are critical to the on-going development and future success of the Apex Clinic’s Suicide Watch Program. We need you to help fix the rate of suicide in our community. Specifically, we need you to start a conversation with your collegues, your friends and your family about Suicide and how we can help reduce the numbers of suicide in Ireland.

No previous experience necessary.

As a helper, you are playing a vital role in the reduction of suicide in Ireland. You will learn new skills, build confidence, have the chance to meet new people and gain the satisfaction of helping a cause that you truly believe in.

Help Us Break the Stigma of Suicide

What makes Apex Clinic’s Suicide Watch Program so special?

  • Apex Clinic is a top Counselling & Psychology Centre
  • Excellent Reputation
  • High Quality Training
  • Highly Experienced & Professional Staff
  • Superb Suicide Prevention Program
  • We are passionate about Suicide Prevention, how you learn and ensure our training courses are highly interactive, stimulating and above all enjoyable.

A welcoming Environment

You will get a personal welcome on arrival at all our courses.

Ongoing Support

Apex Clinic Suicide Watch Program allows you to ‘tap into’ a wealth of experience and support including follow up contact with trainers about specific points, tips for using the learning in your day to day life, plus advice and support about how to further your development, we stay with you to ensure your learning makes a difference.

Why Choose the Apex Clinic?

  • Our courses are intensive
  • Courses are great fun and each day concludes with a Personalised Certificate in Suicide Prevention
  • Our “hands on” approach.
  • Courses are designed so that we can train groups of mixed abilities, making all courses suitable for both inexperienced members of the public and experienced professionals.

Special Offer

To greatly increase our resources database and help make the Suicide Watch Program an outstanding success, members of the public are encouraged to sign up and become a FRIEND of the Apex Clinic and receive a 10% Discount on all our courses. You will also receive a quarterly newsletter by email and have your name posted on our website as a Very Important and Respected Member of the Apex Clinic’s Suicide Watch Team.

Apex Clinic

Suicide Watch

Course o pen to the public

One day experiential workshop



Dr. Declan Cronin

All participants will be encouraged to actively engage with the learning process

Next available dates: Please contact us by email on:

Fee: €250

All Participants to receive the Apex Clinic Suicide Watch Certificate

Suicide is preventable and the symptoms associated with suicide are highly treatable.

We believe that the high rate of suicide in Ireland is totally unacceptable and with proper resources and intelligent initiatives the general public can work as a catalyst for change.

Our mission is to significantly reduce the incidents of suicide in Ireland by taking a unique approach to suicide prevention. We intend to educate the general public on the warning signs and put in place a network of contact numbers as a resource and a step by step protocol to follow when the risk of suicide is suspected.

When a risk of suicide is suspected never ever leave it to the person themselves to seek help, but learn the procedures to follow and possibly prevent a serious injury or even save a life.

Topics covered

What is suicide?

  1. Definition
  2. Facts and figures
  3. Suicide in Ireland: A closer look at Irish health and societal epidemic

Warning signs

  1. Symptoms
  2. Examples in everyday life



i. Dont Avoid or Dismiss


ALERT (alertness to signs may save lives)

ASK (Remove the stigma, when you feel someone may be suicidal, ask them. Practise asking them to remove the taboo. Become comfortable with the question)


Next, What is your role now?

i. The First Responder

Role of First Responder

Resources available


  1. Survivors of suicide support group
  2. Families affected by suicide support group

Contact us on: 087 0680424 or Email: