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Thank you for totally changing my life around, I was on a downhill spiral and the breaks were not working! I’ve learned a wealth of information about myself and realised the mistakes I was making in addition to finally having the courage to take control and responsibility for my own life. I feel so free and in control, my life has been truly transformed. Thank you Apex Clinic.

– Valerie


My search for a psychotherapist or a counsellor began many years ago. I had come to the conclusion that no one could help me and I’d remain anxious and panicky for the rest of my life. How lucky I was when a friend of a friend told me of the Apex Clinic. I am now anxiety and panic free. I have recommend the Apex Clinic to my family, my friends and my GP.


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the way therapy has worked out for me. To look back and think of the way I was feeling and the terrible depression I was in, how did I survive those thoughts of self-harm? Only for the Apex Clinic I don’t know where I’d be today.


Thank you for a direct, informative, learning experience. The last session really hit home and I know we are on the right path. Previously, with other therapists I would quickly pull out of therapy because I didn’t think it was working but now I’m looking forward to continuing therapy and my next session.
– Sheila


We want you to know that we are so pleased with the progress our daughter has been making since attending your clinic. The progress she is making is beyond our wildest dreams, she’s so much more relaxed and happier in herself while putting on weight. We know therapy will continue for another while but just wanted to say how happy we are so far. I told my daughter I was going to write and she gave full approval, she also says she’ll write a thank you letter herself at the end of therapy.
Thanks again Apex Clinic.
-Hilary and Liam


Great therapy, great advice. Can’t believe I was going to do the other thing. Thank you so much!


I would recommend the Apex Clinic to everyone. I was so broken hearted and consumed with emotional pain that I truly believed it was the end of the line and I’d never fall in love again. I’ve cleared my mind of all those negative beliefs about myself and now I can begin to love myself again. I’m sure I’ll move on and find someone new, someone I’m truly more deserving of, someone who will bring me happier feelings. At first I didn’t believe, and then slowly but surely change occurred and I started to believe it was possible and that I am truly lovable for the person I am. My life has taken on a whole new meaning for me and my new partner is so kind and supportive that sometime I have to pinch myself to check I’m not dreaming. I own you so much to the Apex Clinic.


I moved to Ireland a year ago thinking I’d leave all my problems behind, but unfortunately I brought my troubles with me. I am forever in debt for the help I received and the joy and happiness I now experience every day. I would recommend Apex Clinic to anyone who felt their confidence was low or struggling to cope with personal problems.


We were stuck in such a rut but I couldn’t see it, everything had become routine and mundane. I would go to the pub after work and have a few pints then go home for dinner about 9 or 10pm. My wife told me she was dying of boredom and very lonely and insisted I go to the Apex Clinic. I was very reluctant but eventually agreed. However, I was shocked when told I wouldn’t be treated unless I was doing it for myself. I was told to think it over and get back when I had considered my options. After a few days I rang back and arranged an appointment. That was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. My wife and I are now doing things we never did before. I’ve also cut way down on drink and can take it or leave it at anytime.
Boy, what a difference! Again, happy to have found the Apex Clinic


I wanted to say thank you for your support and advice that has meant so much to me. Having the opportunity to do things I’ve been afraid of in the past and the confidence to do things I’ve never done before is a wonderful new experience and I wanted to let you know how very much it’s appreciated!

– Lucy


For some reason I developed a fear of going into the supermarket. I would be fine until I’d get to the doors of any shopping centre and then my heart would begin to pound and I’d sweat profusely. Eventually it became so bad that I was too afraid to go into any shop and I had to get my family to do the shopping for me. All I can say is thank God for the Apex Clinic. Not alone did we find and resolve the cause of my problem but I was also treated for other issues that I had been avoiding for years. I’ve never been so confident in my life and I look forward to shopping so much now that I’m like a teenager.


Apex Clinic you are fantastic. It was just what I needed to hear!


The company I’m working for had me under so much pressure to produce that it all became too much for me. I actually thought I was going to have a mental breakdown. Then a colleague told me he had attended the Apex Clinic a few years previous and recommended I do the same. To say I’ve had a life changing experience would be an understatement! Thanks to the Apex Clinic I am now working to my full potential and making more money than ever before and enjoying every moment of it. Funny that I was concerned about the cost of treatment not realising that I’d get it back a thousand fold and more.
Thanks Apex Clinic.


When I sat in your office and we discussed cigarettes and the various aspects of the addiction I was quite surprised that you had an answer for everything I said. When I said cigarettes relieve stress you explained how they couldn’t possibly do that and it was all in my mind. When I said they relax me you explained in great detail how they can’t possibly do that either, which came as a great surprise to be honest. It might sound strange but I had never calculated how many I was really smoking or spending on cigarettes until that moment. I knew it was a lot but you asked how many packets I’d buy during the week and include the extra packets over the weekend, I was shocked to see that I was averaging 4 packets a day and spending €11, 600 a year on cigarettes. I was smoking over 80 cigarettes a day! Dr. Cronin you have more than saved me thousands upon thousands of Euro’s on cigarettes, I think you may have also saved my life.
Thanks for everything.


Thank you very much Apex Clinic!!!


Thank you for such a wonderful service and experience, that has contributed to improvement in my health, my business and personal success. I am deeply grateful and appreciative. There is one thing I’m certain of, Apex Clinic, you are making a huge difference.


Wild horses wouldn’t get me into a plane until I went to the Apex Clinic. I once had a terrible experience on a plane and swore I’d never fly again. But when my daughter was getting married in Spain I knew I’d have to do something about it. Only for the Apex Clinic I know I would have missed the most important day in my daughter’s life. My daughter, our extended family and I, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Your understanding and explanation of my problem is the best I have ever heard. I thank you so much for such knowledge and deep insight. I am very grateful to have discovered you, the new me is unrecognisable, and the words peace and contentment spring to mind. Thank you Apex Clinic.


What an awesome session of therapy! Thank you so very much for this.


Just a note to say I attended Apex Clinic some years ago and you really changed my life. It is difficult to write how grateful I truly feel for all you’ve done for me. I don’t think I’d be around today only for you the Apex Clinic. I wish you all the best and hope you have a great life because you truly deserve it. Thanks again.


Dr. Declan Cronin was Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist to members of the Irish Karate Team who qualified and competed at the World Karate Championships in Tokyo 2006

(From Left To Right: Sensei Gary Daly, Sensei Darran Smith and Shane Donnelly)


“We very quickly realised we were in good hands when we commenced our positive-outcome therapy sessions with Dr. Cronin. He understood exactly what we were trying to accomplish and asked questions that made you focus, contemplate and believe. I think his experience, skill, intelligence and instinct must place him at the top of his profession. What impressed me most was his ability to see the whole picture, even at the early stages he had an innate sense of what to do next. And more importantly, he possesses the communicative skills to convey this knowledge in an honest, insightful, and constructive way”Gary Daly, 4 DAN Karate. World Championship Qualifier 2006.

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