By Dr. Declan Cronin

OUR Psychologist, OUR Dietician, Our Counsellor, Our Medical Doctor & YOUR Personalised Tailored Weight Loss Plan YOUR SUCCESS™


The purpose of the ‘SUCCESS WEIGHT LOSS & HEALTHY LIFESTYLE PROGRAM’ is to tackle the overweight and obesity problems in children and adults throughout our society. Our aim is to confront, head on, overweight, obesity and bad lifestyle choices of adults and children in the general population, and to help make it as comfortable and as easy as possible to change from those poor eating patterns and lifestyle choices to a healthier and more enjoyable way of life for each of our clients.


What makes SUCCESS™ unique?

  • SUCCESS™ provides a full team of professionals that the client can call on during the program.
  • Overweight and obesity problems have 3 fundamental issues at play and each an essential element that must be addresses in order to come to a positive outcome.
  • The three elements that need to be addresses are:
      1. 1. Psychological
      1. 2. Medical
      1. 3. Educational


What do I get?

You get a full Psychological Assessment and Written Report by one of our Clinical Psychologist’s who will be a member of the PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland) and/or a member of the British Psychological Association.


  • You get a full Assessment, written report and monthly appointments with one of our qualified Dietician’s (7 appointments in total)
  • You get a personalised tailored weight loss program.
  • You get monthly appointments and full hands on care and support over the 6 months with one of our Medical Doctors (6 appointments in total)
  • You get a weekly appointment with one of our SUCCESS™ Trained Counselor’s (26 appointments in total)
  • You get diet healthy living advice.
  • Nutrition advice
  • Healthy & Nutritious Recipes




What can the SUCCESS™ Weight Loss Program Prevent?

  • Obesity & Overweight
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Some Cancers
  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Gallstones
  • Gout
  • Kidney Stones
  • Depression



The SUCCESS© weight loss program.

  • Full Psychological Assessment and written report by a SUCCESS™ Clinical Psychologist.
  • Full Assessment and written report by a SUCCESS™ Qualified Dietician followed by once monthly visit over the length of the Program.
  • As no two people are the same you receive a personalised tailored weight loss program.
  • Examination by a SUCCESS© Medical Doctor followed by once monthly visit over the length of the Program
  • Once a week appointment with a SUCCESS™ Qualified Counsellor.
  • SUCCESS™ follows a balanced eating plan that does not have you eliminating whole classes of food such as fruits, vegetables and grains that provide very important nutrients as part of your program.
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Eating Plan that includes a greater variety of foods, which makes it much easier to keep to your program.
  • Weekly weigh-in and counseling with a SUCCESS© Trained Counsellor.
  • Your SUCCESS™ TEAM, Counsellor, Medical Doctor, Dietician and Psychologist all working on your behalf to help achieve the desired goals.
  • Professional Counselling on any other issues that might come up over your Six Month Weight Loss Program.


Who will benefit from the SUCCESS™ weight loss program?

  • Children with overweight and obesity issues
  • Adults with overweight and obesity issues.
  • Children & Adults with low self-esteem & low confidence.
  • Individuals with personal issues.
  • People who over indulge and misuse alcohol.
  • The families & friends of individuals with the above issues.
  • Improved energy.
  • May improve sleep.
  • May reduce joint pain.
  • May improve fertility.
  • May improve sex life.


How much does the SUCCESS© Six Month Weight Loss Program Cost?

The fee for the SUCCESS© six month weight loss program is €2500.

There are no hidden charges, inclusive of the fee is a full Psychological Assessment and report by our Clinical Psychologist, a full Assessment and Report by our Dietician, your Personalised Tailored SUCCESS™ weight loss plan, six monthly visits to our Medical Doctor, six monthly visits to our Dietician, twenty six weekly sessions with a SUCCESS© Trained Counselor over the six months.


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